Grotech Ca Pro Instant 1000ml

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Immediately soluble Calcium

In the marine water aquarium, great quantities of Calcium and Magnesium are required, in order to achieve an optimum growth of corals and red calc algaes.
1 measuring spoon (abt. 10g) results in an increase of the calcium contents by abt. 18mg per 100 liter aquarium water, without shifting of the ion balance.

In case of larger deviations, the quantity should be increased over a period of numerous days via the refill water. In case of minor quantities, please dose directly into the filter bassin at a well- floated area.
For a constant Calcium level in the aquarium, we recommend to use a Calcium reactor. When using Calcium pro instant in the aquarium, please check regularly the Calcium contents of the aquarium water. The optimum value is at abt. 420mg/l.