Grotech CarbonatPro Instant 1000ml

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Beskrivning av artikel

Omedelbar tillgång av Karbonat hårdhet och pH buffer.


In the marine water aquarium, the stability of the pH-value is of utmost importance. Carbonatpro Instant is a special buffer and carbonate hardness (kH) builder, which takes care that the pH-value in the marine water aquarium will be stabilized at a value between 8,0 and 8,3 and replaces carbonate hardness, which has been consumed due to precipitation and biological
catabolic processes. Carbonatpro Instant thus protects against dangerous deviations of the pH-value.
In the reef aquarium the optimum value is at abt. 10° kH.

1 measuring spoon (abt. 8g) results in an increase of the carbonate hardness of abt. 1°kH per 100 liter aquarium water.